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Soft Glass COE 104 - Frit - Boro COE 33 - COE 90 Rods & Dichroic - Metalworking - Graphite Marvers - Mandrels - HowTo Videos

EXPEDITE MY ORDER - $8. Expedited orders ship within one business day. You may also wish to choose the priority option for shipping at check out.

Please always use adequate ventilation and eye protection when lampworking.

Starter Kits >> Get started right away with our complete Lampwork starter kits. Includes everything you need but the fuel.  Read more  Click>>

Handheld glass rod and tubing cutter.  Read More >>>  See Video >>> High Speed Desktop glass rod and tubing cutter. Cuts Murrini slices too.  Read More >>>  See Video >>>

Large Diameter Tube Cutter

Read More >>>   Watch a VIDEO on this cutter.
-Easily cut large diameter glass tubes (over 30mm)
-Cutter scores the inside of tube
-Hash mark every 6 inches for easy reference and quick cuts
-Replaceable hardened steel wheel for long life
-All steel construction
-18" model for cutting glass tubes up to 1 foot long
-36" model for cutting glass tubes up to 2.5 feet long

To use: place end opposite cutting wheel in bench vice with cutting wheel facing up, measure tube and place over cutter. Lightly score the inside of tube at measuring mark. Caution: if tube is scored with too much pressure it may unexpectedly separate at score mark. Score tube about 3/4 of the way around then remove from cutter. Place tube on a hard surface or table with score mark at edge of table. Gently apply downward pressure at ends of tube until tube "breaks" at score mark. Some practice may be needed to get consistent results.

All New Bowl Pushes >>>


Roller Glass Cutter. 8 inch. Carbide Cutting Wheels. $13.99



Mini Propane Glass Melting Kiln

Make your own glass rods, stringers, twisties, luster rods, glass ribbons, multi-colored rods and more with this great mini glass melting kiln. Runs on simple propane with a $17 propane torch.  Watch Video


Here are some neat glass rods, twisties, luster rods and ribbons we made using our new Melting Pot.  Watch Video

Takes only 5 minutes to melt glass to begin pulling.




"Just wanted to thank you for selling such a high quality bead release. I have tried several and yours by far is the best I have used." ~B

Professional Mandrel Bead Release.

Flame or Air Dry. Excellent quality. Easy to use. This is a very tough bead release. When hot, it resists crumbling. But it loses its strength when cooled and slips the bead off easily. Can be used for Boro, too. (Note: we have tried both flame and air drying this release. Air drying seems to be the most effective. Flame drying works but does not seem to be as strong.)

 7 oz. (227g) $9.49
 14 oz. (482g) $16.95
 28 oz. (964g) $31.95
224 oz (8 - 28 oz bottles) $199

Great Stainless Frit Tray - this is just a stainless vegetable cutter that works great as a Frit Tray. Pour your frit out and roll your hot beads directly on the surface of the tray. When you are done, lift the tray, allowing the frit to slide into the left tube under the lip. Pour the frit back into your container. Also has a ruler to the right. $3.99 each.

The Frit Shovel - Another nice frit tray. Measures 2 - 3/4 inches by about 4 inches. All stainless. $4.99

Brass Bead Rollers
Made in the USA by Devardi Glass

Excellent for Electric Spinner work, or by hand. Make barrel, cone, bi-cone beads and other shapes fast and smoothly with these high quality brass handheld bead rollers.  Brass rolls easily with your hot glass, forming a smooth glass surface. 3/4 inch x 3 inch rollers. 1/4 inch space between rollers can accommodate up to a 3/16 inch mandrel held on an angle between the rollers. Now with bearing rollers for ultra smooth movement.

3/4 inch $49.95
New Lower Price! $29.95
3/4 inch Brass Bead roller


Graphite Round Point Poker: 1/4 inch thick x 7 inches long. Re-sharpen in a plain pencil sharpener. Rigid fiberglass handle. $7.99 Each


Brass Round Point Poker: 1/4 inch thick x 7 inches long. Rigid fiberglass handle. $7.99 Each



Graphite Round Chisel Point Poker: 1/4 inch thick x 7 inches long. Re-sharpen on fine sandpaper. Rigid fiberglass handle. $7.99 Each



Graphite Flat Chisel Point Poker: 1/4 inch thick x 7 inches long. Rigid fiberglass handle. Re-sharpen on fine sandpaper. $7.99 Each


Steel Reamer/Poker
6 grooves, 4 inch reamer/poker head. Overall length is 12 inches. Point tapers from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch. $9.95 each



Stainless Steel Double Ended Rake.  8 inches, 1/8 thick rake with a 1/4 inch thick center handle.

$5.99 Each


Heavey duty double ended rake with gnarled grip handle. 7 1/2 inch total length. $6.99

Bead Holding Vice for Drilling or Cleaning Tungsten Pick / Rake w/Aluminum Handle
Nice tool for holding beads while you clean or drill them with a diamond bit. There is a hole through the bottom for access, or clamp beads with the hole to the side. Steel construction. Nylon holder pads that won't damage beads. $11.98
              A must for hot beads. Tungsten resists wear and sticking from high heat. Lasts and lasts. Color may vary. $9.49


9 Inch Steel Heating Tripod w/Screen

Steel Decorative Stamps
Great for preheating glass rods over your torch, or as a Murinni pre-heater. Hang rods over the edge above your torch while you work to keep the ends hot, or place Murinni on the screen well in front of your torch, out of your way. $12.99 ea
                  Stamp hot glass, or just about anything, with these great steel stamps.
Set of 10 Stamps $28.99
Steel Decorative Stamps $5.99 ea





Make wonderful designs in your glass with this aluminum heat sink mounted on a heavy aluminum base. 2x3 inches. Each aluminum fin is 1/4 inch (7mm) apart. In between space is 3/16 inch (5mm). Watch Video

Grooved Aluminum Marving Pad


  The top bead is Devardi Indian Marbled Glass -Snail Shell found here. The bottom bead is D7-Devardi Transparent Rose with Pink Lipstick Core found here. The D7 bead is enhanced with our Pixie Dust Luster, Gold Sparkle found here




All Around Stainless Steel Bead Shaper. Now with wider Marver and slots for smaller and Pandora mandrels. Slots are for shaping the ends of your bead. Slide it over the mandrel and push toward your bead. Use the flat sides as a marver. Use the jagged edge for raking or ridge shaping. Great for spinner work too. 1/16 inch thick stainless. 7 inches long.

 $5.99 Each



Stainless Flaring Tools. 1/8 inch plate, on a 10 inch 3/16 mandrel. 1 inch sides.

Available in 45, 60, 90 and 120 - $6.00 each

Stainless Flaring Tools
Set of 4 - $22.50




6 Inch Stainless Steel Pointed Tweezers (Style may vary) $2.99 each

6 inch Stainless Pointed Tweezers



Heavy Duty Tweezers - Serrated


10 Inch Straight End $9.95 each
10 Inch Bent End $9.95 each
10 Inch Set (Bent and straight) $18.95 set
12 Inch Straight End $9.95 each
12 Inch Bent End $9.95 each
12 Inch Set (Bent and straight) $18.95 set

Pointed tweezers, straight or bent end, 10 or 12 inches
10 inch Straight, pointed $6.99 each
10 inch Bent, pointed $6.99 each
10 inch Set of 2, pointed $11.95 each
12 inch Straight, pointed $6.99 each
12 inch Bent, pointed $6.99 each
12 inch Set of 2, pointed $11.95 each

Peters Style Fish Eye Tweezers
For making holes in glass for pendants, or for stretching glass, etc. Select size 5, 9 or 11 inch

Peters Style Fish Eye Tweezers


Glass Punch Pliers
Pull glass, make holes, stretch or twist. Great set of pliers. 5.5 inches long. $11.95
Glass Grabber Pliers - 11 inch, with grabber teeth. Grab hot glass to stretch, twist or puncture. Grab rods and tubes to hold them in the torch. Also great for shorts.  $9.95 each.
Glass Cutting Shears - 7 Inch (overall length). Sturdy, high quality pair of shears, great for cutting off excess molten glass and large loop handle for easy grip. Ambedextrious.
$8.95 each


6.5 Inch Reverse Tweezers


6.5 inch Reverse Tweezers Fiber Grip

Squeeze to open, release pressure to grip. Padded to prevent heat transfer. $2.99 each

Reverse Stainless Tweezers 6.5 inches. Nice heavier duty set. Flat ends with ribs. Squeeze to open. $3.95
Straight Tip $3.95 back ordered
Angled Tip $3.95 back order
Both Straight and Angled $7.29 back order


Flat end stainless tweezers 4.5 inches. $2.89
  Flat end stainless tweezers 8 inches. $4.79


Splinter Tweezers - 4.5 inches - $2.99

Sold out





Flat Masher Tweezers. 1 inch pads. 8 inches long . All stainless steel.  $7.95 Each



Flat Masher Tweezers. One inch round pads. Heavy duty stainless. 8 inches in length. $7.95


Large Head Bead Holding Tweezers - 6 inches x 1/2 inch head $5.99ea
Small Head Bead Holding Tweezers - 6 inches x 1/4 inch head $5.99ea


Large Bead and Marble Holding Tweezers. 12 inch heavy duty.   All stainless steel. 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/4
Bead and Marble Holding Tweezers
Set of all four sizes $18.95

Set of 4 Small Bead and Marble Holding Tweezers. 5.5 inch long heavy duty.   All stainless steel.  Set includes 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch. $10.99/set


Bead And Marble Holding Tweezers Set: Reverse pressure tweezers open when you squeeze. Close when pressure is released. Padded handles. 6 inches long. Top bead tweezers open to about 1.25 inch gap. Middle tweezers will hold marbles or beads around 3/4 to 1 inch. Bottom tweezers will hold around 1 to 1.25 inch marbles or beads. $9.95/set


Nice 15" Galvanized Steel Tongs - $12.89



Locking Hemostat type Clamp. Stainless Steel.

Locking Hemostat Clamp




6 Piece Stainles Pick Set. Great for rakes, shaping and more. $5.99/Set



Great 10 Piece Stainless Steel Shaping Tool Set for many applications. $7.95 Set


Stainless Spatula Shaper Set of 6



6 inch Heavier Duty Stainless Spatula Shaper. $3.49 ea

Oak Mandrel Stand - Dip your mandrels in bead release and place them upside down in this handy oak mandrel holder. Can hold 1/8 inch or thinner mandrels. Or drill a few of the holes for larger mandrels. Mandrels in the picture are not included. 5 - 3/4 x 3 - 3/4 inches. Can hold 88 mandrels. $12.95 each.

Plastic Mandrel or Burr Stand. Easily holds mandrels and burrs up to 1/8 inch thick. $6.95





Stack them on a shelf, glue them , or just tape them together. Great for storing glass rods. 2 x 3 x 12 inches.

*Due to size of shipping package required, please contact us for international shipping quotes on this item*


$2.89 each 

9 Stackables- $24.00

18 Stackables- $45.00

(Picture is of the 2 x 3 inch. Rods not included)

Jumbo - 4 x 3 x 12 inch Stackables 
*Due to size of shipping package required, please contact us for international shipping quotes on this item*
$3.79 each  
9 Stackables- $30.00 
18 Stackables- $54.00 



Ring Sizer
From size 4 - 13, plus half sizes. Plastic.  $1.49 set



4 inch Jeweler's pick up tool. Ideal for handling stones, beads and other small objects. Four-prong style. $3.99 ea.





GLASS ROD HOLDER. Heavy duty. Very firm grip. No more melting two short glass rods together. Simply insert a glass rod into this all stainless steel holder and start working. Two piece construction prevents heat transfer to your hand. Holds up to a 12mm thick glass rod. Light weight and well balanced. Larger Picture.  $13.95 








Highest Grade Ceramic Fiber Blanket. 8# density. Superior insulating quality.

1/2 inch thick, 8 x 12 inches. $4.99 for two blankets.

1/2 inch thick, 12 x 18 inches. $8.99 for two blankets.  

1 inch thick, 8 x 12 inches. $7.99 for two blankets. 


1 inch thick, 12 x 18 inches. $16.99 for two blankets. 




 Video (this video demonstrates a smaller version, but operates the same)


This ceramic lined stove has been designed specifically  for glass rod warming (rather than for hair tools). It is the Jumbo Size to accommodate a large quantity of rods. The opening measures 2.5 inches high and 4.5 inches wide.  The brace in the front of the stove has been set at an ideal height so the rods always sit at an angle toward the inside of the stove, so the rods won't slide out. Either a stainless place can sit on the inside floor of the rod warmer or a rack in the back to rest rods on. These are sold separately below. Reaches about 850 degrees F, which is ideal for preheating glass rods. (Does not get hot enough to anneal glass. Please see our annealer for that. )


Once your rods have heated (in 10-15 minutes), you can place them directly into your torch flame without further heating. This reduces lampworking time and saves torch gas.

This stove can also be used to cool your beads rather than using a ceramic fiber blanket or vermiculite crock pot. I stack my newly made beads inside on the rack (sold separately below). When I'm done, I turn off the stove and put a bit of fiber blanket at the front opening to keep the heat in longer. Just let it cool down naturally and then take your beads out.

Caution: glass rods can melt and stick to the bottom of this rod warmer. The stainless steel plate (sold below) for the inside floor is strongly suggested to prevent this. This stove gets HOT!! It reaches 850 degrees Fahrenheit inside. The walls of the stove can exceed 850 degrees. So it is best to use these plates to reduce the heat on your glass and prevent melting or sticking to the stove floor. See the picture below. 

It is also best to use a metal tray on the outside top (sold below) to prevent frit and other small glass pieces from sticking to the stove (if you intend on using it for that).

Cold beads can be reheated for reworking by first placing them in this rod warmer for about 30 minutes on a mandrel, and then carefully placing them back into the flame. (Cold beads should be placed in a cold stove only, and then heated as the stove warms up.) The Glass Rod/Bead Rack below allows a good place inside the stove to hold your mandrels.

Special Notes: It is best to not put your hot glass rods directly from your flame back into this stove. They can stick to other rods or the walls because they are much hotter than the stove. I place mine on a glass rod rack on the table for a minute or so to allow them to cool somewhat first.

Heating your rods from a cold stove is best. To heat a cold rod when the stove is hot, place the rod on top of other hot rods that are already in the stove so that the tip of the cold rod is only slightly into the stove. As the cold rod heats, slowly move it deeper into the stove.

This Rod Warmer is for professional use only. It is not intended to be used in the home around children or pets. It gets hot on the outside and can cause burns if touched. Please keep this stove on a metal desktop or other nonflammable surface, and away from combustible materials, children and pets. Never touch the outside of the stove when it is on.



Inside air temperature reading during operation. Probe is not touching the walls. Readings are Fahrenheit. Pyrometer is NOT included.

110V USA Only, Shipping is $16.95: 


110V Canada Only. Shipping is $44:

220/240 Volt INTERNATIONAL version. Shipping is $58: SOLD OUT *international only*
The shipping calculator may calculate shipping fees for international more than the actual fees, depending on your other purchases. We will do our best to send your warmer as least expensively as possible and refund you if we can. Please email us with any concerns. Thank you.

Electrical Specs: 450 watts, 110 volts, 4.1 amps. Or 450 watts 240 volts, 2 amps for European models. Thermostatically controlled.


Here is a picture of the USA 110 volt Rod Warmer electrical plug:

  International Rod Warmer Plug 240 Volt pictured below.  

Universal adapters for different 240 receptacles. Showing both sides of one adapter. $3.99 each

Travelon Europe Travel AdapterTravelon Europe Travel Adapter
* Warranty - 6 Months from the date of purchase. Restrictions apply:
First 30 days after purchase date, free replacement of a defective unit. We pay the shipping both ways.
From 30 days to 90 days after purchase date, we will repair a defective unit free of charge and pay shipping both ways.
From 90 days to 180 days after purchase date, we will repair a defective unit free of charge. Customer pays to ship unit to us, we pay to ship the unit back to the customer.
Feedback on the rod warmer:

Thought I'd send you a complement on the Glass Rod Warmer I received yesterday.  It is a God-send!  I set it up in the afternoon and decided to put it through it's paces by putting into it my most stubborn glass rods from several different manufacturers.  These glass rods are some of the most shocky, stubborn, "just throw it across the room" type of rods.  Not one single rod popped or shattered!  They just meekly complied to being put in the flame and melted. Bead production -UP    Glass Rod Frustration - ZERO

Thank you Soooo Much! ~C


Hi, Got the rod warmer yesterday and thought i would try it tonight. Just playing around but it worked great. i put about 6 diferent color rods in it and let it run probably 20 minutes, pulled the rods out by 2 and put straight in flame and no shock. I think i am going to like this a lot. I am going to cut a piece of graphite to fit the top of the heater. Thanks for making this item available to us.

 Thanks again. ~M



Hi, I was writing to let you know how much I love your rod warmer.  Not only is it an extreme help with the rods not popping, but I do a tremendous amount of lace work, and then, before I had the rod warmer, when I turn the glass lace's into the fire, they usually do a bit of crack, Snapple, pop, but with this rod warmer, they just slide into the heat and on from there. Just wanted to say what a wonderful addition to my tools this rod warmer is. Thanks - V.


Glass Rod/Mandrel Rack

For Rod Warmers Sold Above


Welded Stainless Steel Construction. Fits inside rod warmer sold above. $5.49 ea




Rod Warmer Plates




Channel plate above goes on top outside the annealer for frit and Murini. It prevents glass pieces from sticking to the warmer and offers a nice flat surface to pick up frit by rolling your bead. It is made of  aluminum.


The plate above goes inside the annealer and sits about a 1/4 inch above the bottom floor. It prevents the glass rods from sticking to the bottom of the annealer if you use it as a rod warmer. The plate is stainless steel.


Top Plate aluminum channel - $5.49 ea
Inside Plate 1/8 stainless 3 x 3.25 inch - $4.39 each
Rod Warmer Floor Rack . Stainless steel heavy mesh. $5.49





Great Lampworking Torch

Please click here for torches. -->>









Aluminum Sheet. 12 inches x 12 inches. $1.99 each


Tong Style Brass Bead Presses




Please click here to see the Tong Style Brass Bead Presses. >>



Bead Stacker for inside your kiln. Heavy gauge all welded stainless mesh makes this an ideal way to stack beads. The size shown to the left is 2-3/4 inches by 8 inches.   

Bead Racks



Rod Rests

Rod Rest


 For Marvers Please Click Here >>



For Marvers Please Click Here >>




Custom Made Masher Pliers

Flat Disk Mashers - makes 1/8 inch thick disk beads. Add a ball of glass to your mandrel. Slide this masher so the mandrel fits into the slot, and mash until the mashers stop. They will stop at 1/8 inch thick. Open the mashers and turn your bead a bit, and mash again to flatten where the slot was. (Bead pictures coming soon.)  Pad is 2" x 2". Slot is 1/8 inch+ wide.
$19.95 each
New lower price!  Only $13.95 Each

Glass Ruffler - mash your glass with these mashers until masher reaches about 1/8 thick. Flip the mashers and mash one space over to get a reverse ruffle. Continue around your bead until you reach the beginning. Inside groove measures about 5/16 inch across the top. Pin is 3/6 inch. 
$19.95 each
New lower price!  Only $13.95 Each

Lentil Masher - mashes glass into a lentil shape. Closes onto your mandrel at about 1/8 inch thick. Will make lentils up to 1 inch wide or smaller, and 1/2 inch thick.
$19.95 each
New lower price!  Only $13.95 Each

Ribbon Masher - mashes glass into an 1/8 inch thick ribbon or thinner. Mashers are 3/8 x 1 inch. Ribs are steel, so coat them in cooking oil when storing for long periods to prevent oxidation. Great little shaper.
$19.95 each
New lower price!  Only $13.95 Each


Fin Pliers. Now make beautiful Fish Fins, Flower Petals, Bird Feathers and more with these custom made pliers. Simply squeeze melted glass, or squeeze and pull a bit for a stretched effect.


Hardened Steel Fin Pliers - 8 inch. $14.95 New Lower Price $10.95 each.

Fish by Emily Jackson. Thanks so much, Emily. Couldn't be more adorable.

Stub Nose Fin Pliers, for a wider, larger fin. Hardened Steel Pliers. $14.95 New Lower Price $10.95





Masher Petal Pliers - curved w/Spring. 6 inch with 1 - 1/2 x 1 - 1/4 inch mashers. Mashers are parallel at about an 1/8 inch gap. $12.95 New Lower Price $9.95






Leaf Vein Masher Pliers. Veins are on one side. W/Spring. 6 inch, 1 - 1/4 inch mashers. Closes to approximately 1/8 inch gap. $13.95



Square/rectangular Bead Masher Pliers. Makes square beads. W/Spring. 9 inches overall, 3 inch stainless mashers, 1/2 inch each side. Beads will be 1/2 inch wide and any length up to about 3 inches.  $12.95



Flat Masher Pliers w/Spring. 6 inch with 2 inch stainless mashers. Closes parallel to approximately 3/16 inch gap.  $12.95


8 inch, 3/8" Tube Masher Pliers (as seen in our videos).

Excellent for rounding your bead into a barrel shape and for mashing frit into your bead. Even though the pads are eye shaped, they produce a rounded bead by squeezing several times as you rotate the bead. Please watch the videos to see how it is done. Spring loaded. This set is for smaller barrel shaped beads. Closes to 3/8 inch round. This means you will produce a bead 3/8 inch thick. Pad size is 2 inches long. Spring loaded. Pliers are 8 inches. Pads are stainless steel.   $12.99 Each





8 inch, 5/8 inch Tube Masher Pliers

 (as seen in our videos). Excellent for rounding your bead into a barrel shape and for mashing frit into your bead. Spring loaded. Closes to 1/2 - 5/8 inch at the center. This means your bead will be 1/2 - 5/8 inch thick. Pad size is 1 inch wide by 2 inches long. When closed, pliers form an eye shape which is ideal for rounding your barrel bead or mashing frit. Rotate your bead as you open and close the pliers to round the bead. Pliers are 8 inches. Pads are stainless steel. 

 $12.99 Each


New - Fine line shaper. Make fish fins, leaf lines, feathers and a host of other lined designs. Offset sides for best line formation. Sturdy stainless tong handles with aluminum fins.

1 - 5/8 wide x 1 - 1/4"   $24.95 each

Single Line Maker - tweezers. Make single lines in your glass fast with these great 5.5 inch tweezers. Make leaf lines, fish fin lines, flower lines and more. $5.95 each


Tong Style Bead Mashers

Adjustable Flat Masher Tongs- 12 inches with 2 x 2 inch pads. $16.95

Flat Masher Tongs with Teeth- 12 inches with 2 x 2 inch pads. $19.95


Quality Glass Grippers

You won't find these at such low prices anywhere on the net. These are strong, sturdy and great quality.

Small Inside Gripper- 12 inches long. Up to 10mm - $12.49

Small Outside Gripper- 12 inches long. Up to 10mm - $12.49
Medium Outside Gripper. 12 inches long. 10-45mm - $15.49
Medium Inside Gripper- 12 inches long. 10-45mm - $15.49
Large Inside Gripper- 16 inches long. 40-100mm $18.99
Small Marble Gripper- 9 inches long. 10-30mm $12.49
Medium Marble and Paperweight Gripper - 12 inches long. 25-50mm $15.49
Large Marble and Paperweight Gripper - 12 inches long. 50mm and larger. $16.99

Frit Makers


Handheld Glass Smasher - Frit Maker.  Great for quickly making smaller amounts of frit.  Comes with a magnet for removing possible metal fragments. Only a few plunges crushes glass pieces to frit. Screen the frit and you're done.  Overall height is 9 inches, the width is 3 inches. Height of the plunger is 8 inches, the width is 2 3/4 inches. Overall weight is 8 pounds. Weight of the plunger is 4 pounds.  $31.95 each




These frit shooters are great for all types of glass. They will grind glass rods, shorts, chards, glass chunks, soft glass or boro, and even thick, heavy rods. The handheld model will accommodate about 6 inch long rods and the heavy capacity model will handle up to 12 inch rods.


Handheld Frit Shooter

Watch Video

Makes Frit making a breeze and fast. Professional use. Weighs about 3 pounds. Powerful 2.4 amp motor. But easy to handle for a man or woman. Comes complete and ready to use.
 $198.95 Shipping fees are below. Additional items may add to shipping, but it most cases we can refund those additions. 
USA ONLY - Shipping is $26.95
CANADA ONLY - Shipping is $54
INTERNATIONAL ONLY - Shipping is $91

Larger Pictures >>

This is a 110 volt, 2.4 amp motor. For Europe, Russia and other countries with 240 volt electrical, you will need  a converter. A converter would need to exceed the amperage output by at least 1.5 times to run these motors. For the handheld unit, the output rating for a converter should be at least 3.6 amps (400 watts).

Plug view for both Frit Shooter sizes     


This frit shooter comes with an 1/8 inch stainless screen and produces a #2 frit and smaller, as a result. For larger frit, #3 and smaller, please purchase the following 1/4 inch stainless screen, which does not come with the frit shooter. $3.99


The  items to the right already come with the Frit Shooter. However, they are the parts most likely to wear out over time, so replacements are being offered. Replacement Bit for Handheld Frit Shooter sold above:  $12.99 Each.


Replacement #2 Frit Screen for Handheld Frit Shooter sold above:  $3.99 Each.

Replacement Finger Guard Screen for Handheld Frit Shooter sold above:  $3.99 Each.

Make Your Own Frit Shooter Guide  
A 25 page step by step picture illustrated guide to making your own Frit Shooter. Everything you need to know to build the hand held Frit Shooter as pictured to the right is outlined clearly and with up-close pictures. 
Please keep in mind, cutting and drilling metal and some minor welding are necessary.
25 Page Build-it-Yourself Booklet $14.95

Make your own Frit Shooter- Parts Kit
Has all the parts pre-made to make your own handheld Frit Shooter as pictured to the right, minus the router. Also includes the 25 page step-by-step guide above.  YOU MUST SUPPLY YOUR OWN ROUTER. PLANS CALL FOR A 1/4 INCH TRIM ROUTER. (Great for international customers who need a 220 volt router, or for those who already have a router.) $119.95 
  25 page step-by-step, picture illustrated guide to making your own Frit Shooter. Model as shown above.


The following items already come with the Frit Shooter. However, they are the parts most likely to wear out over time, so replacements are being offered.

Replacement Bit: $12.99 Each.

Replacement #2 Frit Screen for Handheld Frit Shooter sold above:  $3.99 Each.

High Capacity Frit Shooter

Makes Frit making a breeze and fast. Professional use. 1-1/2 HP router motor.

Works like the handheld model, but for producing larger amounts of frit. Comes with a hopper extension for handling longer rods up to 12 inches. Two handed model, about 12 lbs. Trigger switch for pulsing action. For a larger view, please click here.

  Watch Video

This is a 125 volt motor at 10 amps. For Europe, Russia and other countries with 240 volt electrical, you will need a heavy duty converter. The output rating of a converter should well exceed 1300 watts. 



USA only. Shipping is $29.95
Canada Only. Shipping is $78.00


International Only. Shipping is $114.00   120 volt unit only


If you'd like to use your own router to make a frit shooter, we offer the parts. Please email us for prices.

Fritinator 3000
Commercial Grade Frit Maker

Grinds about 6lbs of frit per minute! If you're serious about making Frit, this machine is for you.

-Produces frit from size 4 (1/4 inch) down to 100 grit fine enamel powder.

-Grinds rods, pieces or chunks of glass.

-Plugs into ordinary 110 volt house receptacle or can be wired for 220 volt for European use. 2 HP 3450 rpm. Motor may vary depending on availability, but will operate equivalent to the motor in our video. Left or right side model as below depending on the motor available.

-One year warranty on the grinder, not including replaceable cutter blade. Motor comes with a 90 day warranty. These are custom built-to-order machines and therefore non-returnable. They are covered under a limited warranty for repair. Misuse voids all warranties.

Watch Video

These are made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment. (It's worth the wait.)

USA Only 110 volt:  $1299.00 Each Email for shipping quote and availability
Canada Only 110 volt:   $1299.00 Each Email for shipping quote and availability  
International Only (220 Volt): shipping is quite high on these, we will be happy to issue a quote. You will need to add your appropriate plug to the extension wire. Extension wire will be installed. This unit requires a 50hz motor, which is much more expensive. The style will be either right or left side as shown in the pictures to the right, depending on the 50hz motor style available. $1479.00 Each

Replacement Blade - made with #S7 high speed steel for superior impact resistance. $149
Replacement Motor - $289.00 USA only Email for shipping quote and availability
USA Customers will receive the 110 volt unit. Email us if you would like a 220 volt unit shipped in the USA instead.

Also check out the Siftinator 5000 (shown below)
Commercial Grade Frit Separator


Left Side Shoot style below.

Siftinator 5000
Commercial Grade Frit separator
Separate about 3 lbs of frit at a time into five frit sizes in about a minute with this new Siftinator 5000. Just load the top tray with approximately 3lbs of mixed frit and about a minute later you will have five frit sizes ranging from 100 grit enamel powder, size 1 (approx. sugar), size 2 (our most popular size frit, 1/8"), size 3 (3/16") and size 4 (1/4"). The locking screen trays are about 8 inches wide by 2 inches deep.
Screens can also be operated by hand.

The Siftinator 5000 is demonstrated with the Fritinator 3000 in this Video

Siftinator 5000
includes vibrator base, 3 screens, bottom pan and lid. 8 inch diameter screens. 110 Volt only. (Enamel Screen Sold Separately)
Vibrator base
(pictured left)
Screen set
Includes 3 screen sizes #0, #1, and #2 , bottom pan and lid (pictured above). 8 inch diameter screens. (Enamel Screen Sold Separately)
Frit Sifting Screen by Size

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E-6000 Permanent Bond Craft Glue. Great for bead Inserts sold above and most other craft projects. Adheres to most anything. Low fumes. 2oz. $8.29

Fine Quality Tiny Vessel Corks







Size 0000 - Top Diameter: 3/16" (.187" or 4.75mm) Bottom Diameter: 3/32" (.093" or 2.35mm) Length: 1/2" (.500" or 13mm). $1.99 Package of 10

Size 000 - Top Diameter: 1/4" (.250" or 6mm) Bottom Diameter: 5/32" (.156" or 4mm) Length: 1/2" (.500" or 13mm). $1.99 Package of 10

Size 00 - Top Diameter: 5/16" (.312" or 8mm) Bottom Diameter: 7/32" (.218" or 5mm) Length: 1/2" (.500" or 13mm). $1.99 Package of 10

Size 0 - Top Diameter: 3/8" (.385" or 10mm) Bottom Diameter: 9/32" (.281" or 7mm) Length: 1/2" (.500" or 13mm). $1.99 Package of 10

Assorted Sizes from above - package of 30 - $4.99


Stainless Steel Mandrels



1/16 inch

1/8 inch

3/32 inch

3/16 inch PANDORA

1/4 inch

5/16 inch







Needle Nose Pliers. 5-3/4 inches. Spring Loaded for easy handling. $3.99 each


Snipping Pliers. 4 inches. Spring Loaded for easy handling. $3.99 each





Long Nose Pliers. 5 inches. Spring Loaded for easy handling. $3.99 each



Nipping Pliers. 4 inches. Spring Loaded for easy handling. $3.99 each






Angle Nose Pliers. 5 inches. Spring Loaded for easy handling. $3.99 each


Flat Nose Pliers. 4-3/4 inches. Spring Loaded for easy handling. $3.99 each







11 Inch Long Nosed Pliers.


 Slight Bent End $8.99 Each Reduced to $5.99

11 inch Long Nose Pliers


High speed stainless steel brush. 1/8 inch shaft, 3/4 inch head. $2.49 each


 High speed brass brush. 1/8 inch shaft, 1 inch head. Use on lower speeds for better results. $1.99 each


Diamond Burr Bit Set. 3/32 to 1/8 inch shank. 120-150 Grit. Great for cleaning bead core, smoothing rough glass edges and other craft work.


Diamond Burr Bit Set

Diamond Reamers.

Can be used by hand or with a rotary grinder. About 2 1/4 inches long. Reamer is 1/32 inch thick at the tip up to 3/32 at the thickest point. Will clean bead cores from 1/16 to 1/8 inch or larger. Nice quality. Can be used with pin vise below.

5 pack - $5.99
10 pack - $9.95



 Double ended pin vise. Great for holding thin mandrels, files and other hard to hold tools. 3 1/2 inches. Holes up to 1/8 inch objects. Perfect for holding the diamond reamers above. $4.99 ea.



Picture of pin vise with a diamond reamer inserted (sold above).


$12.99 Free Shipping



Get all 16 Devardi Glass Videos on one DVD. Watch it on your TV.  Over 2 hours of helpful video.

  • Getting Started with Devardi Glass
  • Devardi Glass on the Hothead Torch
  • Working with Devardi Luster Frits
  • Working with Devardi Dichroic Glass
  • Devardi Metallic Silvery Black
  • Using Devardi with Reduction Frits on the Hothead Torch
  • Devardi And Precision Silver Part I
  • Devardi And Precision Silver Part II
  • Making Devardi Two Color Twisties
  • Making Devardi Five Color Twisties
  • Devardi Rose Floral
  • Devardi Encasing SOP White with Clear
  • Encasing Devardi Citrus Green and Moretti
  • Combining Devardi Op. Olive and Moretti Red
  • Devardi Lt Pea Green and Metallic Black
  • Devardi Professional Frit Machine

2nd Release:

Devardi Glass Videos II on DVD. Watch it on your TV. 

  • Getting Started w/Devardi Glass- Take II
  • Devardi Metallic Golden Coppery Black
  • Devardi Glass w/Brass Wire, Screen & Reduction Frit
  • Devardi Glass w/Brass 260 & Copper Sheets
  • Devardi, Dichroic, Super Clear & Chevron
  • Devardi Dichroic Chatons
  • Devardi Glass and Pure Silver Frit
  • Devardi Glass & Silver Foil
  • Working with Devardi Luster Frits
  • Devardi Metallic Silvery Black
  • Devardi Handheld Fritmaker

$12.99 Free Shipping


Buy Both DVD's ~ $20 for the Set. Free Shipping.