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 I absolutely LOVE this company! They are eager to help with any issue. I have been a customer for a little over a year and I have never been dissatisfied. Recently, I had an issue with my regulator and they were very prompt in responding to my question and step by step walking me through the process to make sure I had not made an error. After going back and forth for a day it was decided that my regulator was defective and today they shipped out a new one for me. They are a quality company with quality products and an impeccable staff. Thank you Divardi for taking such outstanding care of your customers.  I am a customer for life!!  Misty 4/1/19

You guys r awesome! I made my first order from you two weeks ago. One of the tools were damaged. You immediately sent out a replacement with no questions ask. The rod holder got here in 2 days. I am new at glass blowing and am about to order my first boro and it will be from you. Thanks for the great customer support! Tracy 3/22/19

 I have wanted to get into lampwork for years; thank you for making it affordable and providing the educational \"how to\" videos and tutorials. Your mini bead annealer is a godsend for those of use who can\'t afford a kiln. Your website is phenomenal! Karen 1/14/19

Thank you so much for all of your help!!  We are very excited and fortunate to have your beautiful glass from India in our lives, we can't say enough good things about it!  As well as your custom beading and working tools, unmatched affordable prices, and your great service!! :)

Please use my feedback if you like, the only thing I would add in is how people regularly tell us that your glass is the most beautiful that they've ever seen :)  

 Your service is also very kind, generous, and personable.  I've always been over the top happy with your products and support and feel that you all really care about your products and customers.  Hard to find in today's world. ~R  8/9/2017


I am now addicted to your glass.  I have a number of other brands and I like them too, but yours is special.  The colors are so rich and there are ones I haven\'t seen elsewhere.  I love getting a package of the shorts - it\'s like Christmas morning. ~K    07-29-17

Hey there!

I wanted to say thank you for the leaf vein mashers you sent with my last order and wanted to rave about the other Devardi tools I\'d gotten too. The Lentil shaper is wonderful, I can see what I\'m doing so I know where to add more glass.  The round bead marver is super convenient and has really helped speed up the time it takes me for spacer bead sets. The leaf mashers have been a great way to wind-down a glass session: just grab a thick rod and pull off a pendant or two. It makes me much more confident in my flamwork, and I feel more productive. And I absolutely love the steel fin pliers, they are my new favorite tool. I had been using my regular grabby pliers for fins, which was fine, but with these it was just an instant:\"Woah, now that\'s really a fish\" I wouldn\'t have expected to make such a difference but it looks great and works perfectly.

I\'m not sure how to send pictures, but if there\'s a way I\'d be happy to send pics of the leaf pendants and the fish I made with all Devardi glass and tools. Really pleased with everything I have from your company. Thank you so much!  ~EJ June 5th, 2016


Thank you very much to Devardi Glass for your wonderful service. Never have I experienced such polite and courteous people in my experience with any company. And a special thank you to Natasha for the great service and extra miles given to make my experience with Devardi wonderful! 5 Stars!!! ~AB 10/15


I just wanted to say that I think Devardi is the most creative business in glass working today.

You consistently come up with innovative solutions to common difficulties, and are willing to venture into new territory.  I think the Flower press tongs are brilliant, and the use of a curling iron heater as a rod warmer is inspired! 

 It took me a little bit to get used to glass rods that are not perfectly uniform, but the effort is well worth it.  (I'm sure the rod warmer will help with that).  The colors and finishes you have come up with are spectacular.  The Chatons and the Rose Came are wonderful too!  And I can't wait to try the vessel mandril.

 So keep up the great work.  I think you are a true blessing to the Glass-working community. ~RK 9/15


Just wanted to say thank you so much to Natasha for awesome customer service. Good products at a good price. Delivery came on time and when the mail men ruffed up my package of was fixed immediately.  :)  ~JB  09/2015


Hello Natascha! 

Just wanted to update you, I have had so much success with my friends and family (using Devardi) glass and your flower presses, that I have started a Facebook page just for them! 

The pictures below were made with your glass, and your gold pixie dust, and flower press!  You guys have literally changed my life.  Honest.  I would not have been able to do any of this except for your amazing prices, awesome website, and incredible diversity of products!  It's become an almost daily therapy to sit and work with my glass, and I now have a small but tangible potential for income beyond my meager disability.  THANK YOU.  I honestly can't say it enough.  Thank you. I can't wait till I can put my next order together, I have already ogled the new presses!!  Lol ~AT July 26, 2015


Hi,Phil from Australia here ...............PERFECT SERVICE AND EVEN BETTER PRODUCTS.Will buy all my glass working tools from these guys .



I have ordered a large number of items and have been beyond pleased with every single item.  I sent a question which was answered promptly and fixed my issue.  I will be a loyal customer for as long as I work with glass.  Recommended highly for all your needs, as well as prompt shipping. ~TT


I'd like to thank Natasha at Devarti Glass!  I cannot say enough about how quickly she returned my email to answer questions, not just 1 but 3 at different times.

ALSO, I have to say I absolutely love the flower presses!  I've ordered several and the size is perfect and very easy to use. I can see why they sell so quickly.  DB


Devardi Glass is great!  The colors are beautiful, and the service is very prompt.  AN


At first I absolutely hated Divardi glass rods.  But after reading and watching your tutorials, and giving it a few more tries, I absolutely love Divardi glass. Slowly heating the rods and keeping mindful of the working temperature will produce marvelous results! ~ER


I've been purchasing my lampworking glass from all of the wrong places!The quality of this glass&tools....I'll never go back to those other sites!!! ~JG


I recently purchased some items from Devardi after stumbling across their website online. I must say they have excellent customer service, they responded to my emails promptly and were able to answer my questions efficiently. Thanks, good job guys and keep up the good work. An.


Hi there : ) I just wanted to say thank you. I love Devardi Glass. I'm really enjoying my starter kit, and am anxiously awaiting on the arrival of some red and purple rods, ACE glasses and some mashers! I'm especially appreciative of your tutorials, and how your gratitude shines through in each one. Much love, RH


A+++ - Outstanding Glass, Tools & Customer Service!! Placed this order (and one prior) though Amazon, then one after these through their website direct (cheap shipping too!) and all three of the transactions conducted with Davardi Glass have been handled to the 'utmost'...Thank you Natasha for everything!...All the help/advice/tips are greatly appreciated...Beautiful glass hand pulled rods! Most Excellent!!! ~C Oct. 28, 2013


just received our starter kit  very happy with it.  quick delivery and cost effective  thank you. Oct 15, 2013


Natasha thank you for your kind support for the purchase. Great service, great price, fast shipping, thank you. J~


I just wanted to tell you that I received my very first order of glass from you the other day and I am ecstatic!  First of all, the colours are gorgeous!  Rich beautiful colours!  The olive green is exactly the colour green I've been searching for for a long long time with no success until now, so THANK YOU!  Also, it works FINE in the flame if you take a little more time to heat the rod.  Which leads me to wonder, why all the negative talk about it being shocky?  What's everyone's huge rush while doing glasswork?  Those  negative remarks about it being shocky on one of the forums robbed me of a few good years of working with your beautiful glass right from the start which makes me mad that I fell victim to their biased opinions.  The results and the colours are so worth the little extra time and care while working it.  I'm surprised these 'seasoned' glass workers can't get out of their comfort zone by a few inches and learn to appreciate your glass for what it is...a fantastic product!  Also, kudos to you for supporting industry in India.  They need to eat and survive in this crazy world too just like the rest of us.  The naysayers on that subject probably have a house FULL of products from other countries. I will DEFINITELY be a return customer so make lots of Olive Green for me. Lol Cheers from Canada! Joc. Oct. 11, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars BEST GLASS TO LAMPWORK WITH, October 2, 2013
by Joe
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Devardi Glass Lampwork, Beadmaking Glass Rods, COE 104 Sampler, 12 Lbs, 200 Rods - FREE SHIPPING

This glass is unbelievable! The color, the quantity, the richness of the luster in some of the rods are beyond belief. I am a seasoned glass artist and I have worked other glass in the past. I will NEVER order from ANY other company again. I hope Devardi is around as long as I'm able to breathe. Because for me to go back to any other glass would just do my work insurmountable damage. Thank you Devardi, you have a customer for life!


I am a DEVARDI fan for life!  Being new to lampworking bead and having never taken any classes, I followed all the videos and information that came in my kit that I purchased.  I've been using all the "sample" glass that I purchased just to get the hang of it.  Then I purchased the rod warmer and GLAD I DID!  No more shocky glass!  My latest purchase was the mini annealer and I LOVE IT.  Can't wait to get better at base beads so I can move on to frit, metal and all the other cool stuff that you show on the how to videos.  Thank you so much for everything and making it so affordable to have beautiful glass! DZ July 20, 2013


I am completely and totally in love with Devardi glass! As an instructor, I find that it is going to be MUCH easier to use Devardi glass with my students than other providers of glass. One of my students came by today and could only say "Oh my God look at these colors!" This is pretty much the same reaction. I look forward to ordering much more glass for my student packs. You guys are awesome! JR    June 2, 2013


I have my first set of Divardi glass but it won't be my last.  Yes. it is a bit different from the others with smaller diameters.  I have a rod warmer that takes care of that.  I actually PREFER these when I'm making a Pandora style bead.  I pull a stringer for more detailed work.  With regard to quality and price it can't be beat.  ~Dr. KP


I just placed another order! I just wanted to write to you to thank you for your patience with me as I become a better lampwork artist!  (I ordered a large order last year and wanted to return it because of how badly it was shattering in the flame).  Your kindness in saying that I could return the glass prompted me to not return it...but hold onto it a little longer.  I have since purchased the rod warmer...(which I also emailed you questions about the glass melting in the warmer)and my opinion has changed and it is now my favorite glass!  Your prompt replies to my questions and the kindness that you showed me have turned me into a loyal repeat customer and I thank you!  The videos are SO helpful! I guess before I got to know how great Devardi is, that I just thought that all glass should act the same.  (a little education goes a long way!) I LOVE everything that I have purchased from you, especially the barrel shaper tongs, the dichroic beads, the metallic black, and the rod warmer.  The vibrant colors of the glass are also appreciated! Thanks again and have a blessed day! ~K


I want to thank Natashia personaly and encourage everyone to continue on. My stringers look good now I can make twisties. the videos have tought me so much. and I can say i'm proud of what i've learned. If there has ever been a problem that I cannot deal with because of my being an intermediate Lampworker she has always answered my questions almost immediately. She has solved many issues for me being as I don't know everything. everyone, Keep up the good and Thank you Natashia again...C :-) 12-09-2012


I want to thank devardi, for special care in packing up for delivery.I have never recieved anything bent or broken. I have problems they have gone above and beyond to make things as easy for me as possible. Natasha is upbuilding and a Mentor in this class of "glass" Thank you and enjoy your day. 10-10-2012

Thank you for the products and services that you provide. I did not see a rating system on your web site and I wanted to leave you guys a wonderful feedback here. You have provided me over the last few weeks many products that I enjoy using and I find that they are awesome to have. Your rod warmer and mandrels I have purchased work great with the glass I have also picked up. I look forward to ordering more products in the future and wish you all well. Thank you once again J

P. C. 10-08-12

Well it is time I left some feedback.  Daniel and Natasha thank you so much for the prompt and supportive feedback.  I have had a couple problems which all newbie’s experience and they were taken care of accurately and promptly.  Thank you so much.  I am a quadriplegic due to a spinal injury some 30+ years ago.  I work from my wheelchair and breathe with the aid of a ventilator.  I modeled my work area from the pictures in the tutorial showing Daniel’s work area.  Even copied the ventilation system   I did the incense test and it even took the smell with the smoke so now I burn my incense away from the ventilation system.  I have watched every video at least 20 times and reread the tutorials almost daily just looking for mistakes I am making.  You really need to watch and educate yourself to be a good bead maker and learn the little techniques which make beautiful beads.  Good bead making to all and to all a good night.  HO HO HO   Dr Bill

I am a beginner and know absolutely nothing about working with glass.  If not for Natasha's help and lots of patience, I would have just given up.  She has been right there for me every time I've had a question or concern.  I've learned how to work in the flame for the best results.  She is teaching me the proper lingo for lampworking. :) I found that every single thing they promise IS the truth.  Shipping was very fast, packaging was phenomenal.  It has been a pleasure dealing with this company and I feel very lucky to have found them.  Devardi Glass is THE place to buy from, especially if you are a beginner.  Thank you Natasha for ALL your help. :))  Shelia

As promised, shipping is very fast via usps.  Great customer service.  I received a defective torch and a replacement was sent the very next day after I notified them.  I am very happy with my order of a beginner kit and some extra glass and frit I ordered.  I am a beginner lampworker and have watched all the videos I could on making beads.  I have made my first bead, a small clear bead with an orange stripe around the equator.  I had no trouble at all with the entire process.  Thank You Devardi for a pleasant beginning in lampworking "smiles"


LOVE this glass!! Soooo much prettier and easier to deal with than the Moretti!
Buyer: ( 137)

a+ seller fast and accurate great transaction Buyer: Member id

killer price for a must have product in blowing glass!Thank you for the deal!!!!
Buyer: Member id wbs420

DEVARDI the new name in 104 coe glass!Awesome package deal 4 the price THANK YOU
Buyer: Member id wbs420

Item as described--fast shipping--recommended seller--thank you!
Buyer: Member id evaleyne

great service, fast shipping thank you
Buyer:Member id gaiamuse

good service, fast shipping thank you
Buyer: Member id gaiamuse

As stated, fast shipping. Thank you!
Buyer: Member id knucklehead45

Buyer: Member id rdunn1

Fantastic assortment of corks, will buy again from this seller, rate all a 10+++
Buyer: Member id elusivespirit

Very nice eBayer with fast transaction and nice items.
Buyer: Member id flight2kix

Fantastic packaging with quick shipping. A smooth transaction. Thanks!
Buyer: Member id meggos2


I thought you might want to know that I have been doing an experiment with blacks of all price range including Devardi, Moretti (both regular and intense) and Vetrofond. I made white beads with black dots. I also made clear beads with black lines on top. The Devardi black stood up to the white without showing any purple. I purposely used white as the base as I have read that using black on white causes the black to look more like a dark purple. I did the same test with the clear bead to see if that would cause the blacks to show any hints of purple. I showed these beads to many people, and I asked them to see if they could detect any purple in the Devardi black. I also asked them put the beads in sequence of price. They always picked the Devardi as the more expensive one above the others including the Moretti intense black. I will continue to work with the Devardi black without reservation. I will laugh all the way to the bank with the money I will save not having to buy the more expensive glass brands. I am very pleased with the results!

"I can’t tell you how excited I was I received my Devardi glass sample bundles in the mail. They were shipped in an envelope, encased in a couple PVC tubes and all arrived in great condition. Not only do I get to use the glass, but I also get to use the tubes for glass storage.  Woo Hoo… win – win for me!! Anyhoo, after reading the “How To Work with Devardi glass” page, I had little to no problems with shockiness and I loved the viscosity of the glass. I made a few beads, mixing Devardi with Moretti, Vetrofond, Lauscha clear, placed them in my vermiculite crock pot (since I don’t have a kiln yet and I have my beads batch annealed) and they ALL come out just fine. Also, I was actually able to use the Opaque Bright Yellow without having any black streaks or spots as I found with other 104coe glasses ~ YIPEE!!

Bottom line: I love this glass and being a fairly new lampworker who has limited funds for glass, I am thrilled that I am able to purchase glass with beautiful colors, of great quality @ reasonable prices. I’m totally looking forwarded to using your complete line of products for my future projects. And let me add, I have always received prompt responses to any questions I may have had and too me, that is excellent customer service”  Thank you for being a Devardi glass supplier!!"

 “Thank’s to you, I now have a great, affordable glass line I can use for my work!  Thanks again..! 



Got the glass today and i am very pleased. i made a few marbles last night and i thought it worked great. thought i liked it better than moretti. i just run the rods in and out of flame first had very little shatter. I will try and make another order as soon as i see what colors i have and the ones i want more of.  Thanks M"

Devardi glass is great. I am pleased with the way it works and the colors i ordered were great.
Really bright.
I have used moretti now for about 4 years and thay have a tendancy to fracture if put straight in flame.
I take the rods and work in out of flame15 to 30 seconds and melt, very little shock, no more than moretti.
I made several marbles from 5/8 to 1 1/4 inches annealled all night and never lost any.
I have not had a chance to mix the two glasses.
I did mix 4 colors togeather and no cracks when done.
Natasha put everything up front on what to exspect and has emailed me back and answered all my questions.
Shipping was fast also.
I give them 5 stars for all they have done for me.
I am getting ready to make annother order.
Thanks M~

"Hi Natasha! I just want to tell you… so far I couldn't be happier.  (Devardi Glass) is so easy to work with and the colors are beautiful.  Everything arrived in perfect condition thanks to all the amazing packaging, very impressive.  Finally, thank you for the free gifts that were enclosed with my order.  What a great surprise, I've never dealt with a company that was so generous before.  So here is a big THANK YOU for everything.  I already am telling everyone I can get to listen about Devardi Glass and I promise I will be a loyal customer for as long as I am doing beads. Have a great day, C~"


"My order arrived yesterday, and I started melting right away. I couldn't wait to just "play" with some colors, so I made several beads with various combos of Devardi, CIM, Effetre, Vetro, Lauscha, and a few silver glasses. The Devardi is totally different in consitancey from any other brand I've used - it melts quickly and stays extremely thick and viscous - didn't get runny no matter how hot it got. Some colors were thicker than others, but none were even close to something like Effetre White. Only the Opaque colors showed any tendency to shockiness, and my impatience didn't help! I seldom wait for glass to warm up slowly, unless it's horribly shocky. None of the Devardi colors were too bad. I did put a really gorgeous color rod in the kiln to anneal after it shot off a few chips -- it was just way too beautiful to risk a bit of!

One surprising bead was a base of Butterscotch, topped with dots of Psyche. Major reactions from the Psyche immediately. Just barely touched with a redux flame and the Psyche went bonkers. Also tried Miro, Aion2, and VanGogh. All reacted quickly with no scary results.

Finally stopped playing long enough to do a few stringer pulls for compatibility. Tested
Devardi Amber against Lauscha Soft Clear. One set of pulls was with some older clear, and the other was the newest version. All pulls were approx. 28" long, and looked quite straight - no extreme curl in any sample. When laid out on a grid, the curvature measured 6-9mm on all pulls, and all curved towards the Devardi.

Beads were all garaged and then annealed overnight in a digitally controlled kiln running my regular 104 schedule. The only cracked bead was one that I stared at so long it broke before getting to the kiln. That bead was an unidentified Op. Blue that turned a beautiful coppery-red and oilslick looking when heavily reduced. I smeared some clear on the reduction, and it held perfectly in the kiln.

"Hello Natasha, I was so surprised to receive the order this morning. I was busy, so Jim, my husband got to play with the (Devardi) rods. He was very impressed and just posted on LampworkEtc. People on there are still posting, no one has tried these rods. He just posted and told them to order. He told them he had not annealed them yet, but the rods are clean with few bubbles. He liked working with the rods better than working with Moretti. He said your glass is a little stiffer than Moretti. He can build up a larger disc, before melting it down. He stated that good puckers are more easily achieved than with Moretti, because of the stiffness of the glass. He also said he had no problem with bubbling, boiling, or foaming. He said a couple of the semi-opals shattered when introduced into the flame, but that was only 1/8" to 1/4" down the rod. He did not even warm the rods, and it was a very cold morning here. He did not immediately garage them in a kiln. He only put them in vermiculate. None cracked while cooling. If they go through an annealing cycle, we are in business with this glass. Have a good evening. L

Hello Natasha, I combined beads with Moretti and Devardi glass today.  They are just about ready to take out of the kiln.

I got anxious and pulled several, and no problems.  I also encased each with the other.  I will know in and hour or so about those.  I think this glass is playing "Nice."

     One other thing you might want to tell your customers.  Many of them are making big hole beads to use on Pandora, Troll, and others.  I made three beads on 1/4" mandrels today and it is much easier to control around the mandrel (with Devardi) than with Moretti.  That little bit of extra stiffness makes all the difference in the world.


Hello Natasha, I just removed the beads from the kiln.  No cracks whatsoever.  I just posted on LE and told them I warmed the rods, garaged the test beads and no cracks.  The glass played "NICE."  I told them to order, if they wanted to get in on some of the hundred other colors I just saw on a chart."


Great product ffast shipping!a Buyer:  ( 597) Mar-19-10 19:22
1.5lb. Devardi Glass Rods Lampworking COE 104~Sampler (#320487423254)

Fast Shipping, Friendly & Honest to deal with. Recommend to all. 5*** seller TKS Buyer:  ( 725) Mar-18-10 14:19 1lb Devardi Glass Rods Lampwork COE 104~ Silvery Black (#220560141917)

Great Site. Will be a repeat customer for sure!!!! Buyer: ( 201) Mar-16-10 02:50
1.5lb. Devardi Glass Rods Lampworking COE 104~Sampler (#320487423254)

Nice Glass, Thank You!!! Fast Shipping. Buyer:( 867) Mar-12-10 04:41
1lb Devardi Glass Rods Lampwork COE 104~Opaque Salmon (#220560141267)

I was expecting little chunks these are almost full rods. Totally satisfied! Buyer:  ( 211) Mar-05-10 19:41 10 lb Devardi Glass Rods Mixed SHORT-SHORTS, COE 104 (#220476228722)

3.5lb. Devardi Glass Rods Lampworking COE 104~Sampler (#220514409043)

Beautiful color right out of the package! Very excited! Perfect packing! A+ Buyer: ( 1237) Feb-06-10 12:18 1lb Devardi Glass Rods Lampwork COE 104~Trans Dk Violet (#320456359602)

Super seller - Fast service on a great product. A-1 with 10 stars Buyer: ( 24) Feb-04-10 08:50
1 Oz. Gold Glass Luster Frit~Lampworking Beads COE 104 (#320468197859)

wonderful Buyer: ( 15) Jan-29-10 02:28
1lb Devardi Glass Rods Lampwork COE 104~Opaque Dk Brown (#320455886128)

Beautiful glass. Love it. A+++++ Friendly seller and superfast shipping. Buyer: ( 288) Jan-28-10 11:13
1lb Devardi Glass Rods Lampwork COE 104~SOP Violet Blue (#320460289507)

A++++video's on website awesome! Buyer:( 73) Jan-25-10 11:40
1lb Devardi Glass Rods Lampwork COE 104~Opaque Ivory (#220538192836)

I love this color - a dead ringer for Amber Rose! Buyer: ( 647) Jan-18-10 21:36
1lb Devardi Glass Rods Lampworking COE 104~Tr Cham Rose (#220534871993)

nice nice nice Buyer: ( 302) Jan-17-10 17:36
10 lb Devardi Glass Rods Mixed SHORT-SHORTS, COE 104 (#220476228722)

Really nice glass! Buyer: ( 647) Jan-18-10 21:36
1.5lb. Devardi Glass Rods Lampworking COE 104~Sampler (#220514409058)

Great seller you can trust Buyer:  ( 1149) Jan-16-10 08:39
1lb Devardi Glass Rods Lampwork COE 104~Semi OP Yellow (#220526109873)

FAST delivery!! Beautiful glass!!!! Great seller!!!!!! Buyer:  ( 843) Oct-30-09 03:39
1lb Devardi Glass Rods Lampwork COE 104~Tr Light Blue (#220496258200) US $5.99

Fantastic prices! Fast delivery! Love the Merchandise! Would highly recommend!A+ Buyer: 772 ( 250) Oct-29-09 16:28 1.5lb. Devardi Glass Rods Lampworking COE 104~Sampler (#220496230457) US $10.97

Very quick, real nice...Thanks! Buyer: ( 987) Oct-28-09 10:37
6-Devardi Stainless Steel Mandrels -1/16"~Lampwork Bead (#220476259334) US $2.99 View Item

Cool :-) Thanks, Fast shipping, Recommended, The Best!!! Buyer: ( 567) Oct-26-09 19:24
1 oz Rainbow Glass Luster Frit~Lampworking Bead COE 104 (#220489651260) US $3.99

Nice range of colors. I can't wait to try them all out. Packaged very very well! Buyer: 966 ( 283) Oct-22-09 23:12 1.5lb. Devardi Glass Rods Lampworking COE 104~Sampler (#220496230448) US $12.00

Wonderful seller. Super quick shipping! Buyer: ( 155) Oct-21-09 18:06
1lb Devardi Glass Rods Lampwork COE 104~OP Butterscotch (#220492754459) US $5.99

love love love these!!! Thankyou sooooo Much!!! Fast shipping!!!!! Buyer: ( 38) Oct-20-09 09:29
15 lb Devardi Glass Rods Mixed SHORTS, Lampwork COE 104 (#220476228645) US $75.00

awesome thanks Buyer: ( 941) Oct-21-09 16:28
1lb Devardi Glass Rods Lampwork COE 104~OP Pink (#220486263548) US $5.99

great everything, i'll be buying more soon :) Buyer: ( 21) Oct-19-09 07:30
1.5lb. Devardi Glass Rods Lampworking COE 104~Sampler (#220493185309) US $10.01 View Item

THANK YOU! Great glass - fast shipping - more than I expected! Buyer: ( 4 ) Oct-18-09 16:35
1lb Devardi Glass Rods Lampwork COE 104~OP Lilac (#220489651625) US $5.99 View Item

Nice glass, not runny like most 104. Great service. Buyer: ( 54) Oct-16-09 14:58
3.5lb. Devardi Glass Rods Lampworking COE 104~Sampler (#220489651252) US $24.99

great seller.................. fast shipping!!!,,,,,,,, thank you!! Buyer: ( 1539) Oct-09-09 18:57 1 Oz. Gold Glass Luster Frit~Lampworking Beads COE 104 (#220489651499) US $4.51 View Item

Terrific seller! Love it! Buyer: ( 341) Oct-08-09 18:49
1 oz Rainbow Glass Luster Frit~Lampworking Bead COE 104 (#220486263589) US $3.99 View Item

Lovely! Thanks:0) Buyer: ( 341) Oct-08-09 18:48
1 Oz. Gold Glass Luster Frit~Lampworking Beads COE 104 (#220486263540) US $4.76 View Item

great transaction. Will order from again. Fast shipper. Buyer: ( 130) Oct-07-09 13:27
3.5lb. Devardi Glass Rods Lampworking COE 104~Sampler (#220486263577) US $24.99

Nice glass Thank yoiu Buyer: ( 843) Oct-16-09 04:24
1lb Devardi Glass Rods Lampwork COE 104~OP Blue Purple (#220489672275) US $5.99

¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´¯)Woo Hoo! ‹(•¿•)› Another GREAT transaction!¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´¯) Thanks! Buyer: ( 591) Sep-28-09 07:13 3-Devardi PANDORA SS Mandrels- 9" X 3/16"~Lampwork Bead (#320401952687) US $4.99

lightning fast ship, exc customer service, beautiful hard to find colors, exc value for your money, many thanks!!! Sept. 16, 2009

Great glass, excellent prices, careful shipping, super nice seller THANK YOU!!! Buyer: ( 488) Apr-02-09 11:50 1lb. Devardi Glass Rods Lampworking COE 104~Trans Amber (#320354646764)

BEAUTIFUL ITEMS VERY HONEST SELLER THANK YOU FOR THE SHIPPING DIFFERENCE A+++++ Buyer: ( 3258) Apr-01-09 13:37 1lb. Devardi Glass Rods Lampworking COE 104~Tr Mr Green (#320352298277) US $5.99

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