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Glass Frits

Luster Frits

Reduction Frits

Dichroic Frits

Metal Frits

Pure Silver Frits

Specialty Glass Frits

EXPEDITE MY ORDER - $8. Expedited orders ship within one business day. You may also wish to choose the priority option for shipping at check out.

Devardi Glass: FRITS & POWDERS

$2.99 per ounce.

COE 104 glass, made from Devardi Glass rods. Frit comes generally as a #2 size, but could vary. Powder varies from sugar to talcum. Coarse frit, size 4 ranges from 3/16 to 1/4 inch.

Select size from drop down menu







D79- Tr. Lt. Charcoal Smoke


D2-Tr Extra Light Champagne Rose

D1 Clear 1 oz
D79- Tr. Lt. Charcoal Smoke 1oz
      Frit: Sold Out


D4-Tr Champagne Rose

  D23-Tr Light Amber   D25-Tr Yellow
D4-Tr Champagne Rose 1oz
D23 Tr Lt Amber 1 oz
D25-Tr Yellow Frit 1 oz
D63-Tr Med Amethyst   D64-Tr Med. Dark Amethyst   D253- Tr Dark Violet
D63 Tr Med Amethyst Frit 1 oz
D64 Tr Med Dk Amethyst Frit 1 oz
  Sold Out
D62-Tr. Lt. Purple   D199-Tr Denim Blue   D59-Tr Vibrant Blue
D62 Tr Lt Purple Frit 1 oz
D199 Tr Denim Blue Frit 1 oz
D59 Tr Vibrant Blue Frit 1 oz
D60-Tr Cobalt Blue   D53-Tr Dk Marine Blue   D52-Tr Marine Blue.
D60 Tr Cobalt Blue Frit 1 oz
D53 Tr Dk Marine Blue Frit 1 oz
D5 Tr Marine Blue Frit 1 oz
D52a-Tr Lt. Ocean Blue   D54-Tr Extra Light Blue   D57- Tr Light Blue
D54 Tr Extra Light Blue Frit 1 oz

D57 Tr Light Blue Frit 1 oz




D67-Tr Ink Blue


D8-Tr Extra Dark Rose


D28-Tr Extra Light Green

D67 Tr Ink Blue Frit 1 oz
D8 Tr Ex Dk Rose Frit 1 oz
       Frit: Sold Out
D36-Tr Med Lt Marine Green   D41-Tr Medium Dark Green   D48-Tr Marine Green
D36 Tr Med Marine Green Frit 1 oz
D41 Tr Med Dk Green Frit 1 oz
D48 Tr Marine Green Frit 1 oz
D42- Forest Green   D71-Tr  Dark Olive Green   D32-Tr Yellow Green
D42 Tr Forest Green Frit 1 oz
D71 Tr Dk Olive Green 1 oz
D32 Tr Yellow Green 1 oz
D11-Tr Cranberry   D13-Tr Sunset Red   D12- Tr Burgundy
D11 Tr Cranberry 1 oz
D13 Tr Sunset Red 1 oz

       Frit:  SOLD



D135-SOP Plum   D139-SOP Sky Blue   D140-SOP Turquoise
D135 SOP Plum 1 oz
D139 SOP Sky Blue 1 oz
D140 SOP Turquoise 1 oz
D103 SOP Misty Orange   SOP Dark Med Blue   D110 SOP Lt. Green
SOP Dk Med Blue 1 oz
D110 SOP Lt Green 1 oz
D111 SOP Baby Green   D121 SOP Lt. Marine Green   D113 SOP Tropical Green
D111 SOP Baby Green 1 oz
D121 SOP Lt Marine Green 1 oz
D113 SOP Tropical Green 1 oz

D118 SOP Gray Green

D118 SOP Gray Green 1 oz
D126 SOP Marine Green
D126 SOP Marine Green 1 oz
D193 SOP Caramel
D193 SOP Caramel 1 oz
D83 SOP Moonstone White   D87 SOP Extra Light Peach   D88 SOP Med Light Peach
D83 SOP Moonstone White 1 oz
D87 SOP Extra Light Peach 1 oz
D88 SOP Med Light Peach 1 oz


Opaque  (Op)

D160 Op Dark Burgundy   D95 Op Red   D93 Op Pink
D95 Op Red 1 oz
D93 Op Pink 1 oz
D152 Op Ivory   D100 Op Bright Orange   D101-Op Yellow Orange
D152 Op Ivory 1 oz
D100 Op Bright Orange 1 oz
D81 Op White   D162 Op Gray   D141 Op Light Blue
D81 Op White 1 oz
D141 Op Light Blue 1 oz
D145 Op Med.Blue   D146 Op Violet Blue   D147 Op Deep Lapis
D145 Op Med.Blue 1 oz
D146 Op Violet Blue 1 oz
D147 Op Deep Lapis 1 oz
D148 Op Blue Green   D115 Op Lt Lime Green   D116 Op Lime Green
D148 Op Blue Green 1 oz
D115 Op Lt Lime Green 1 oz
D116 Op Lime Green 1 oz
D130 Op Lilac   D128 Op Lt Lavender   D182 OP Salmon
D130 Op Lilac 1 oz
D128 Op Lt Lavender 1 oz
D182 OP Salmon 1 oz
D136 Op Dark Purple D105 OP Saffron D119 Op Olive
D136 Op Dark Purple 1 oz
D105 OP Saffron 1 oz
D119 Op Olive 1 oz
Op Army Green   D165 Op High Density Black    
D165 Op High Density Black 1 oz


Diamond Dichroic Chaton Beads



Dichroic on 1 mm Clear beads.


This frit was made by applying dichroic to tiny, 1 mm sized faceted COE 104 CLEAR glass chatons. Since the factory already makes these chatons, adding the dichroic made it simple. These melt very easily, and encase nicely. Or use them as surface decorations. But, they cannot be inserted directly into the flame. Please watch the  Video on these Dichroic Chaton Beads. These are now made with the Diamond Dichroic for easier, more successful use. 1/2 ounce- $6.99










Dichroic chaton beads, encased in clear.


Dichroic chaton beads just melted into the surface of this Tr. Cobalt Blue bead.


Devardi Diamond Dichroic Frit


COE104 Diamond Dichroic Frit 1/2 oz

Metallic Silvery Black Frit



Metallic Silvery Black Frit 1 oz










Metallic Golden Coppery Black Frit

Requires a propane only torch (or Mapp gas)

      Frit  $3.99/oz

Golden Coppery Black 1 oz

Metallic Golden Coppery Black Frit - Sample Bead

Lipstick Pink Frit and Powder  
Lipstick Pink Frit 1 oz

HOUSE BLENDS   $2.99/oz


Paintbrush Red


Daisy Yellow

Paintbrush Red 1 oz


Daisy Yellow 1 oz

Passion Orange

Ivory Delight

Passion Orange 1 oz
Ivory Delight 1 oz
Golden Phoenix
Contains Metallic Silvery Black and Golden Luster
Golden Phoenix 1 oz

Contains Metallic Silvery Black and Golden Luster
X-Frit 1 oz


Morning Storm


Morning Storm 1 oz

Summer's Breeze

Summer's Breeze 1 oz

Beach Pebbles
Beach Pebbles 1 oz

The affect on this bead is done by slightly overheating the frit.








Water Lily


Water Lily 1 oz









Party Time

Party Time 1 oz








Enchantment 1 oz

The affect on this bead is done by slightly overheating the frit.


This one has Green Aventurine Luster Frit.







Aurora 1 oz








Water Colors
Water Colors 1 oz
The affect on this bead is done by slightly overheating the frit.
Mountain Mist
Mountain Mist 1 oz



Rainbow Frit    

Rainbow 1 oz


$2.99/ounce - Frit comes generally as a #2 size, but could vary. Powder varies from sugar to talcum. Coarse frit, size 3 ranges from 3/16 to 1/4 inch.

Select Frit size from drop down menus below, default size is #2.

"Amber Waves" - Mixed Ambers  
Amber Waves 1 oz
"Cupid's Arrow" - Mixed Pinks  
Cupid's Arrow 1 oz
"Glacier Lake" - Mixed Blues   
Glacier Lake 1 oz
"Old Fashioned Lemonade" - Mixed Yellows  
Old Fashioned Lemonade 1 oz
"Purple Haze" - Mixed Purples  
Purple Haze 1 oz
"Sour Apple" - Mixed Greens   
Sour Apple 1 oz
"Strawberry Fields" - Mixed Reds   
Strawberry Fields 1 oz
"Wedding Toast" - Mixed Champagnes   
Wedding Toast 1 oz
"Winter Solstice" - Mixed Whites   
Winter Solstice 1 oz
Can't Pick Just one? Try all nine frit shades and we'll include an ounce of rainbow frit in the sampler. Includes one ounce samples of each; Amber waves, Cupid's Arrow, Glacier Lake, Old Fashioned Lemonade, Purple Haze, Sour Apple, Strawberry Fields, Wedding Toast, Winter Solstice and Rainbow frit.

10 - one ounce samples: $25.95
Frit by Shade 10-1oz Samples



$3.99 per ounce. Compatible with COE 104 glass.


Click the link (name) under the image for a larger picture.

This is a very sparkly cobalt blue aventurine luster frit, about 2mm chips. They melt like glass when heated. $3.99 oz.

Cobalt Blue Luster 1 oz

This is a very sparkly golden aventurine glass luster frit, about 3mm chips. They melt when applied to glass and heated. $3.99 oz.

Golden Luster 1 oz

Cobalt Blue Luster



    Sample Beads

Golden Luster



Sample Beads















 Emerald Green Aventurine Luster Frit. This is a very sparkly green aventurine luster frit. It melts like glass when heated.

Emerald Green Luster 1 oz

$2.89 per 1/2 ounce
 96 COE. Compatible with COE 104 glass in small amounts, no more than 20% Frit.  All bead samples shown below have a Devardi Glass base, COE 104.  Add reduction frits only to the surface of the bead. Do not encase.   Once the frit is added to the bead and the bead formation is done, allow the bead to cool just a bit. Begin to brush the bead with a low oxygen, high propane flame. The reduction coloration process will begin. To return the frit to the non-reduced original color, add a high oxygen flame. Stop when you like the color that has been achieved. 
How to use Reduction Frits with a Hothead Torch: Watch Video



Kugler Silver Clear


       Larger Image ->>



Kugler Iris Gold




Larger Image ->>


Q-Colors Iris Blue Trans




Q-Colors Iris Light Blue


 Larger Image ->>


Larger Image ->>











Kugler Silver Dark Blue




Q-Colors Iris Yellow Trans  



 Larger Image ->>


Larger Image ->> 






Kugler Silver Green



Q-Colors Iris Green



 Larger Image ->>


Larger Image ->> 


Kugler Dark Copper Ruby



Larger Image ->>

Kugler Silver Amethyst






Larger Image ->>


Larger Image ->>

Q-Colors Iris Violet


Kugler Gold Brown

Larger Image ->>


Kugler Trans Black


Larger Image ->>

Captain's Jewels

 Larger Image ->> 








Field of Flowers

Larger Image ->>  




Opaque Reduction Frits




Kugler Opaque Lilac

        Larger Image ->>


 Q-Colors Iris Opaque Yellow

 Larger Image ->> 


Q-Colors High Density Black

         Larger Image ->>

Q-Colors Iris Opaque Dark Brown

       Larger Image ->>  

Kugler Light Tobacco


Larger Image ->> 






       Larger Image ->>  



Q-Colors Opal Brown










         Larger Image ->>  


Moonlight Rainbow



Passion Palette

Larger Image ->>


Reichenbach Reduction Frits


The original R108 Raku Frit. Iris Orange

Iris Amber Green R191

Factoid: More beads are sold using this frit than any other.

The other one that goes wild.

Frit - $2.89 - 1/2 oz:
Frit - $19.99 - 4 oz:

Frit #2 size, $2.89 1/2 oz.

Powder - $2.89 - 1/2 oz:
Powder - $19.99 - 4 oz:




Iris Amber Green on Devardi Trans. Vibrant Blue



Iris Amber Green on Devardi Trans. D7 Rose over SOP White


These beads below are reduction frits made on the Hothead Torch. Watch Video

Q-Colors Iris Light Blue Kugler Silver Amethyst Q-Colors Iris Orange (Reichenbach 108 Raku) Q-Colors Iris Amber







For Metal Frits, please go to our Metalworking Page



99.9% Pure Silver

Pure 260 Brass Frit

Pure Copper Frit