Devardi Glass Lampwork: PIXIE DUST LUSTER






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Devardi Glass Pixie Dust Luster is finely ground mica. Mica is a glassy mineral that shimmers and sparkles as it changes direction in the light, especially when it is ground to a fine powder. Mica is found naturally in various colors, such as shades of Gold, Silver and Copper. Pigments are often added to change the color. Some of these pigments are retained in the heat. Others at least provide a shimmer of that color. For example, the violet Mica is a very dark violet in its cold form, but only leaves behind a shimmer of violet when heated. This shimmer looks very much like the iridescence of a Mother-of-Pearl shell. Really neat. The greens are also dark in the cold powder but leave an iridescent shimmer of green on your bead after it is heated.  So does the blue, orange and other colors. The copper, gold and silver remain true to their color when heated and applied to glass.

Pixie Dust Lusters are very compatible with Devardi COE 104 Glass. We have applied our Pixie Dust to the surface and encased many colors without issue.


There are different quality grades and prices of Pixie Dust on the market. We use only the finest Pixie Dust available. We are sure you will just love our Pixie Dust.


If you have used Pixie Dust in the past without success, maybe it turned brown on you, or whatever, it was the nature of that particular Pixie Dust. Good quality Pixie Dust such as ours is very easy to use, and will not turn brown. Some may change color, but to what is expected. For example, the Sterling Silver Sparkle is pink before you start and turns silver when heated. 


Here is a helpful forum discussion on Pixie Dust


Devardi Pixie Dust Luster

1/2 ounce- $2.99

5 - 1/2 oz Assorted Pixie Dusts (randomly chosen from the list below) $12.99
Gold Sparkle- Bright Gold color with lots of sparkle. 1/2 oz.

Copper Shimmer- This one shimmers and sparkles.  1/2 oz.

Roman Bronze- This one ends up with a bronze background with gold sparkles on the surface. Extra nice. 1/2 oz.

Twilight Pearl- A larger flake with an Iridescent Pearl Sparkle and Shimmer.

Green Mother-of-Pearl- This one shimmers as it changes in the light. 1/2 oz.

Light Green Mother-of-Pearl - This one shimmers as it changes in the light. 1/2 oz.

Violet Mother-of-Pearl - This one shimmers as it changes in the light. 1/2 oz.

Magic Blue- This one shimmers as it changes in the light, a rainbow of iridescent blues.  1/2 oz.

Sunset Peach- This one shimmers as it changes in the light a light peach hue. 1/2 oz.

Starlight Ruby - This one sparkles in the light a ruby red hue. 1/2 oz.

Midnight Silver - This one sparkles in the light a deep pearl silver. 1/2 oz.

Yellow Gold - This one sparkles in the light a yellow gold. A much finer particle size than the Golden Sparkle above. Obscures the glass underneath. 1/2 oz.

Fuchsia - This one sparkles in the light a fuchsia red hue. 1/2 oz.

Starry White Sparkle- This one sparkles in the light and adds a white thin layer to the glass. 1/2 oz.

Daylight Satin- This one turns your glass a satin, similar to etching cream but without the dangerous chemicals. 1/2 oz.

Deep Gold Sparkle- This one sparkles a very deep gold color, darker than the gold pixie dust above. 1/2 oz.

Turquoise Splash - Extra cool turquoise shimmer to this one. Holds up in the flame quite well. $3.99/1/2 ounce



 Below are a few beads we did using some of the Pixie Dust.


SOP Moonstone White base, Q-colors Iris Amber reduction frit (find here), a strip of dichroic (find here), Golden Copper Sparkle Pixie Dust with a ring of D6 Tr. Rose. Some Metallic Silvery Black dots.



Op. Dark Brown base, Q-Colors Iris Orange Frit, (find here) Tr. Cranberry with Deep Gold Sparkle Pixie Dust.


Encased Golden Sparkle Pixie Dust in D6 Transparent Rose.


Below, pictures of beads made by Kristina of Fine Folly Glassworks. Thanks so much Kristina.


Magic Blue Pixie Dust on SOP White, SOP Pink Plum, SOP Lt. Baby Blue Golden Copper Sparkle Pixie Dust on SOP White, Medium Brown.
Roman Bronze on SOP White, Op. Medium Brown Golden Sparkle on SOP White, Super Clear, Tr. Yellow, Op. Lemon Yellow