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Handheld glass rod and tubing cutter. For small cutting projects. $9.95
Close the cutter onto the glass rod or tubing, and score the glass with only a slight mark, 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch long, by turning the glass.
Hold the glass at the score mark over the edge of a table and tap gently downward. Easily snaps at the score every time.  So easy.

High Speed Desktop Glass Rod and Tubing Cutter.
Designed by Devardi Glass. We've taken the handheld glass rod and tubing cutter above and made it better, so you can attach it to a desktop and cut glass rods and tubing rapidly. We've cut glass tubes up to 1 inch in diameter without a problem.
Cuts Murrini slices too. Comes with screw to attach to a desktop. Use the small angle iron piece only when cutting Murrini or any small slices.  $19.95
Use just one finger to apply pressure and make a tiny score in the glass. Then just apply downward pressure at the end of the rod or tube and it will snap at the score. Please watch the video to see how quickly and easily it works.  Just a few slices I did in a matter of minutes. Use the small angle iron piece when cutting Murrini or any small slices. Please watch the video below to see how to cut thin slices easily. 


Large Diameter Tube Cutter

Watch a VIDEO on this cutter.

-Easily cut large diameter glass tubes (over 30mm)
-Cutter scores the inside of tube
-Hash mark every 6 inches for easy reference and quick cuts
-Replaceable hardened steel wheel for long life
-All steel construction
-18" model for cutting glass tubes up to 1 foot long
-36" model for cutting glass tubes up to 2.5 feet long

To use: place end opposite cutting wheel in bench vice with cutting wheel facing up, measure tube and place over cutter. Lightly score the inside of tube at measuring mark. Caution: if tube is scored with too much pressure it may unexpectedly separate at score mark. Score tube about 3/4 of the way around then remove from cutter. Place tube on a hard surface or table with score mark at edge of table. Gently apply downward pressure at ends of tube until tube "breaks" at score mark. Some practice may be needed to get consistent results.
18" for cutting tubes up to 1 foot long
36" for cutting tubes up to 2.5 feet long