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RULE #1 - NEVER place your propane or oxygen tanks in your house. Always have them outdoors or in an outbuilding. In most areas it's even against safety regulations to have them in your house.

Always use adequate ventilation and eye protection when lampworking.



The illustration above shows the proper way to connect a propane/oxygen torch to propane and oxygen tanks.
Please never connect a torch to propane and oxygen tanks without installing a set of check valves and flashback arrestors in the hoses as shown above. Without these two safety devices, it is possible a flash can occur within the hose, and ultimately follow back into the tanks, causing an explosion. This would be an extremely rare occurrence, but the check valves and flashback arrestors will make it a "never" occurrence. Check valves are only a first line of defense and may not ultimately stop a flashback. Only the flashback arrestors will.

It doesn't matter if you use a premix or surface mix torch. Both can flash back into the hoses, causing a danger of explosion to the tanks. Regardless of the type of torch you use, both the check valves and flashback arrestors are necessary.

Some people prefer to use an oxygen generator (concentrator) instead of an oxygen tank to operate their torch. If you prefer to do this, you will NOT need an oxygen regulator or a flashback arrestor on the oxygen hose. However, you will still need a regulator, check valve and flashback arrestor on the propane hose and a check valve on the oxygen hose at the torch. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us.

For best results, if you will be using a concentrator rather than an oxygen tank to run Devardi's Spartan torch, we recommend at least a 10 LPM concentrator. Larger is even better. The Spartan will run well on smaller concentrators, but for boro and large pieces, it's handy to be able to turn the torch up without a shortage of oxygen. It's sort of like having a large engine under your car hood. You may never use all the power, but if you need it, it's there. :) We have seen many people invest in a 5 LPM concentrator to run their torch (of various brands), thinking that will suffice. And, in many cases, it will. But that limits the user to smaller pieces and slower work. Most people who do this eventually add another concentrator. This, of course, can be costly. Keeping this in mind, we prefer that people obtain an oxygen tank instead of a concentrator. The tank can be a bit expensive, but oxygen is rather inexpensive. This method gives you all the power you will ever need to run any torch. You can also rent an oxygen tank at a nominal expense if you prefer not to purchase one. (Check with your local welding supply store.) In comparison, purchasing a 10, 15, or 20 LPM concentrator is far more expensive initially than purchasing or renting an oxygen tank.

For propane, we recommend a BBQ style bulk tank, or larger. These are rather inexpensive and can be purchased at most hardware or department stores, or at your local propane gas dealer. The regulator sold below will fit this type of propane bulk tank.



Safety Info for Hoses


The two most common reasons that can lead to hose cracks is constant flexing at the fittings, and from UV light exposure. Exposure to oil, moisture and other contaminants can also lead to wear and cracking. Keep your hoses away from sun exposure. Inspect your hoses frequently, especially at the fittings. And keep your hoses clean and off the bare earth. If you notice any anomalies with your hoses, change them immediately. This is an industry safety standard. Hoses are not that expensive and changing them if you notice a flaw is worth the expense. Keep in mind, since propane and oxygen hoses operate at rather low pressures, weaknesses in the hoses can usually be discovered long before they lead to problems. So inspect them frequently. It is a good idea to do an inspection of all equipment about once per month.

Always turn your gas and oxygen off at the tank after use. Depressurize the hoses after use by allowing the torch to burn after you've shut the tanks off until the flame goes out. Turn off your torch afterwards. Never run hoses inside a house or other habitable areas. Keep all tanks outdoors as well.


YouTube Video by Rio Grande: How to safely set up a propane/oxygen torch.

We include check valves in addition to what Rio Grande suggests. But they do a good job of showing how to setup the equipment. They show a jewelry torch. But the setup is the same.

Spartan, by Devardi Glass. Propane/oxygen Surface Mix Lampwork Torch.  For soft glass or boro applications. Click here for info. Purchase the regulator hose kit below.


***Stock is limited. More coming in March.***

To operate this torch, you will need a set of regulators, a hose, flashback arrestors and check valves . If you intend on using the hoses for other devices, it is imperative that you insert flashback arrestors at the regulators. We recommend one of the kits sold below. CLICK HERE.

The Spartan operates on a wide range of pressure by both oxygen and propane. But a good place to start is as follows: 5 psi for propane gas and 5 psi for oxygen, for soft glass. 10 psi propane and 10 psi oxygen for boro (hard glass). Adjust from there to suit your needs.

The Spartan will handle as little as 0.25 psi propane gas for small projects. For larger projects, the Spartan can handle much larger propane and oxygen volume and pressure. We have operated it fine up to 30 psi for both.


The GLADIATOR  Pre-Mix Borosilicate Propane/Oxygen Lampwork Torch. Please click here for more information.  Watch Video 
$95 each
To operate this torch, you will need a set of regulators sold below, either size, and a hose sold below. You will NOT need flashback arrestors or check valves since they are built into the torch hande. If you intend on useing the hoses for other devices, it is imperative that you insert flashback arrestors at the regulators. Otherwise, they won't be needed.

Regulators with 3" Gauges above


  Premium Quality Oxygen/Propane Regulators - 1 year warranty.

These regulators are designed to effectively deliver gas and oxygen to 1 - 6 lampwork torches of average size.

Oxygen Regulator 3" Gauge: $32.95

Propane Regulator 3" Gauge : $34.95

Set: $64.95

Regulators with 2" Gauges Below
Oxygen Regulator 2" Gauge: $28.95
Propane Regulator 2" Gauge : $28.95
Set: $54.95

ISO 9001 Highest quality flashback arrestors for regulator end. Propane/oxygen set. Can also be used for acetylene/oxygen.

Oxygen only, $7.95 each
Propane only, $7.95 each
Set of 2 $14.95/set

Premium Quality Propane/Oxygen Check Valve Set for the torch end. Can also be used for acetylene/oxygen.

Check Valve set $9.95/Set
Flashback Arrestors & Check Valve Sets $23.95

15 foot propane/oxygen dual hose. T-Grade, all fuels. $29.95

Regulator Kits, everything you need to get started. (torch sold separately)  

Purchase the complete set. DOES NOT INCLUDE THE TORCH. Includes 2 Regulators with 3" gauges, 15 ft dual T-Grade hose, flashback arrestor set, check valve set. BB size 9/16 -18 LH & RH thread.


This is the kit you would need for the Spartan torch or Gladiator sold above. Or you can use the kit below.


Purchase the complete set. DOES NOT INCLUDE THE TORCH. Includes 2 Regulators with 2" gauges, 15 ft dual T-Grade hose, flashback arrestor set, check valve set. BB size 9/16 -18 LH & RH thread. (regulators may vary depending on availability, but will be equivalent)


This is the kit you would need for the Spartan Torch or Gladiator sold above.


Split Y shut off valves for oxygen and propane (or acetylene). B sized fittings both ends. Connects two torches to one tank set. 




Flint Striker for lighting your torch. $2.95each


Torch Jet Cleaner. Various sized cleaners to fit nearly all torches. 5.95 each


Welder's wrench (spanner). Fits most regulators, hoses, check valves, etc. $3.95 each


Accessory Set: Flint Striker, Torch Jet Cleaner, Welder's wrench. $11.95

Propane and Oxygen hose couplings. These are used to connect two hoses together. $5.99/set

Propane 1 lb bottle refill adapter. $13.95


Use our hose kit above with a Nortel Minor Bench Burner by changing the fittings below. Whether you use our hose kit above or not, we don't think it is safe to use a propane and oxygen hose that is attached to a torch using hose clamps, such as offered by the Bench Burner and some other torches. Clamped hoses have a tendency to loosen and pop off their fittings when under pressure. One could only imagine a propane hose popping off a lit torch with your face only inches away. If you have a setup such as on the left below, it is a good idea to change it to the fittings in the left picture (right). Additionally, it is a good idea to install check valves at the torch. This will prevent a flashback into the hoses. (Arrestors at the regulator are also a must.) You can't install check valves with the clamp fittings on the far left below, only if you change it to the fittings sold below right. Special Note: It is a good idea to remove your fittings from the torch first before ordering to make sure they will come off. :) Also, for some earlier models you may still need a reducer in addition to the fittings below right. The reducers are pipe thread and Right Hand, and easily obtained at most hardware stores. Please email us if you need help.


Convert Bench Burner fittings. $6.99/set

1/4NPT to B hose threads. Threads are about 1/2 inch on the outside.



Blaster Hot Lampworking Torch Head






Great Lampwork Torch Propane or Mapp Gas. We have used this torch head extensively and found that it behaves very similarly to the Hothead. We really could not find a difference in the quality of the flame or our lampwork. We guarantee you will be satisfied with this torch or return it for a full refund.


6 torches: $195 ($32.50/each)
12 torches:$384 ($32/each)
50 torches: $1575 ($31.50/each)

1 YEAR WARRANTY: 60 day free replacement. We pay shipping both ways. After the 60 day period, you pay to ship to us, we pay to ship to you.

Lifetime FREE Cleaning or Repair. (non-commercial only) After 1 year, you pay shipping both ways, we clean or repair at no charge. 

Why do we offer such a great warranty? Because this torch has been tried and proven now for 11 years and over 12,000 sold.

"Super excited! It works wonderfully!!! Way better than my old torch thx so much!"  ~T



Tank torch bracket


Tank/Torch Bracket. All stainless steel. Wicked Strong Stainless Flat Bar:  $12.95 New Lower Price $9.95



Hose torch bracket


Hose/Torch Bracket. All welded stainless steel. Comes with two screws to attach to the desktop.  $12.95 New Lower Price $9.95


12' Mr. Heater propane hose for connecting a Propane Torch to a refillable bulk propane tank. Please do not use a 5' hose to connect your torch to a refillable bulk tank. We feel it is unsafe to keep your tank that close to you and a lit torch in a closed room. We recommend at least this 12 foot hose. A propane bulk tank should be located outside. $39.95





 "Great Lampwork Torch" as sold above,  12' hose and Torch Bracket as shown in picture to the left. $74.95


Dual Torch Mount Kit. Mount a propane only torch, such as the one we sell above, to an existing propane/oxygen torch with this aluminum bracket and clamp. Strong, sturdy and safe. $4.99/Kit.


Aluminum Sheet. 12 inches x 12 inches. $1.99 each