by Devardi Glass


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Advanced Design Surface Mix, Oxygen/Propane Lampwork Torch

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  • Cooler than other surface mix torches. Prevents burning glass.
  • Turn it up and it will melt borosilicate glass
  • Stays cool to the touch at all times.
  • Lower oxygen use.
  • Wider flame for larger projects. Or, pencil tip for fine detail.
  • 7 stainless steel jets.
  • Simple design keeps the price low.

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Feedback on the Spartan Torch:


After a few trials with the torch I'm very happy with. It really works well and I'm confident about getting it for the course. I really love it, it's very nice!!!! ~SA


Thank you again.  I work with special education children specializing in autism spectrum training.  I gave a demonstration on how I made beads and the kids wanted to make them also.  I now have 8 autistic children making beads as well as doing some simple sculpture work with boro, icicles and of course marbles.  These children’s lives have changed since they started doing lampwork, they have learned patience and that glass gets really hot to melt.  Devardi glass works the best for these kids and of course the colors are simply the best. Natasha and Daniel donated one of the Spartan torches for me and the kids.  Once you use this torch you will not want another.  The heat range is just fantastic, we have now made 2” boro marbles and it has worked a lot better than the torch we were using.  The torch also will go to a really small pointed flame for doing that delicate stringer work.  I sculpt roses by the hundreds and it allows me to add those features that make handcrafted work so special.  God Bless you Natasha and Daniel and please keep up the fantastic work you are doing. ~Deacon Dr. Bill

WELL, I played with the new Devardi Spartan Torch this morning for several hours, and I really like it.

I have a Hothead and a Cricket. I found the Spartan Torch to be a wonderful bridge between the Hothead and the Cricket. It can be set to a soft gentle flame, like my Hothead (with the 0-60psi Regulator I use on it to take down the pressure). The Spartan dials down cooler than my Hothead, yet with the soft feathery flame. It's absolutely great for detail work and stringer work. You can also dial this Torch up to regular heat for melting and encasing, and take it all the way up to Boro level heat.

I would say that if you are stepping up from a Hothead this is an excellent choice. Set low, there's no learning curve from the Hothead to the higher heat Torches. If you want to jump in and start with a mixed Torch, this one is great because it can be so soft and low when you are needing to learn heat and glass control.

If you are looking for a sweet Torch at a great price this one can't be beat. ~K. Floyd

The flame characteristics on this guy are awesome. Sometimes I need pin point accuracy with my torch and at other times I need a somewhat billowy flame. While this torch doesn't have an extremely billowy flame it is just right for my needs, the pin point is what I need the most. Boy oh boy! This torch has it! I was so excited that I could go from like a 15-18 mm flame down to a 2mm flame. These pin points are wonderful for getting the very tippy tip of the stringers just right!! Especially the micro work I like to have on my pendants and beads.  Again this was awesome!!
The flame is not a heavily oxidizing flame but because of Devardi's already brilliant, saturated glass colors this isn't necessary, so it is great that this torch isn't heavy on the oxidizing.
Lastly, the consumption of fuel and O2 is bar none! My other torch which shall remain nameless is a O2 and gas guzzling hog. I was pleased to see that although I had worked for almost two hours...I had hardly used any of my fuels.
This torch is great for a beginner or a seasoned glass artist because of it variability of range and use it has. It is extremely easy to get used to and  pretty much ding dong proof :) ~Jen R