Devardi Glass Opaque Butterscotch on either end. Opaque Burgundy in the middle. Semi-Opaque Pink wrap-arounds and Transparent Rose dots on either end.


Devardi Bi-color glass.

Opaque Salmon base, SOP Mango, Opaque Red, Op. Blue Green

 and Luster Frit. 




Opaque Salmon, Mango, SOP Red, SOP Lt. Baby Blue, Luster Frit.



SOP White with Luster Frit. The SOP White has a Moonstone appearance. With a little extra heat, a mottling effect appears.



Bi-Color Amber with Rainbow Luster Frit.



You name it, it's in there. The dark blue is the Bi-color deep blue. That's Op Olive green with a Salmon Base. High density black and a bit of Opaque Burgundy. The next picture shows the back with Bi-color rods also, the Amber and Lt. Rose. 



Transparent Cranberry, Opaque White and Rainbow Luster Frit.



SOP White with Luster Frit. The SOP White has a Moonstone




SOP Mango, SOP White with Rainbow Luster Frit.


Dark Rose #6 over SOP White.


Opaque Pink with Transparent Dark Rose Stripe.


Below, Devardi Gold Luster chips encased in Clear over SOP Turquoise and Hi Density Black.

SOP White with a few Golden luster Chips raked.

Below, Devardi Metallic Black (coming back soon) and Double Helix.


Devardi glass Op. Salmon, SOP Orange, Hi Density Black and others, mixed with Precision DaVinci 1 Transparent (one stripe in the middle and one stripe on the right end).


Below, Devardi Op. Salmon, SOP Mango, SOP white, SOP Pink Plum, Tr. Orange and Golden luster frit.

Below, from top to bottom: SOP Mango, Luster Tr. Dark Rose (available soon), Emerald Green Bi-color, Op. Salmon.