Devardi Glass Sample Beads

Below: Butterscotch & Silver Stringer with Devardi Opaque Hi Density Black.

Below two pictures: Devardi Opaque Light Ivory, Opaque Light Ivory and Silver Stringer and Q-colors Iris Orange Reduction Frit. Devardi Ivory and Silver stringers goes bonkers with the Iris Orange Frit, as you can see.


Watch video of the bead below being made.

Below: Devardi Semi-opaque Jade wrapped in silver foil and heated.


Below: Devardi SOP Jade with Devardi Ivory & Silver Stringer. Bead wrapped in silver foil and melted.

Below: various beads highlighted with Silver Stringers made with Devardi Opaque Ivory.

Below, Silver Foil encased with Devardi Trans Amethyst.

Below: Devardi Opaque Salmon coated in Devardi Silver Ivory Stringer. Then, Trans Violet Frit added. These two react considerably. Q-Colors Iris Orange Reduction Frit added.